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Submerge Magazine

Shark Issue

Make sure you get hold of the October/November 2014 edition which is currently on the shelves. If you're into sharks, then this is the edition you've been waiting for! Shark research, tonic immobility, freediving with sharks and more - we've got it all in this dedicated Shark Issue.


In the current edition of SUBMERGE Magazine, you will find the regular articles you love so much (some of which are also dedicated to sharks) along with four features that are solely dedicated to these extraordinary creatures.


Feature Articles

With the Shark Issue, you will find it difficult to choose your favourite feature. Sink your teeth into these fantastic features: 


Shark Research and Conservation

Current research and conservation initiatives are needed as many of these thought-provoking species are swimming on the edge of extinction. This is one way to combat people's fears and ignorance about these animals and help ensure that they get the protection they need. We look at the following research and conservation initiatives:

 - An overview of Southern African research being conducted

 - A research project that prioritises sevengill sharks

 - Innovative research being conducted on bull sharks in Mozambique

 - The Shark Spotters pioneering shark safety programme

 - Advocacy projects completed by Sharklife

 - The National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks


Tonic Immobility

We take a look at what tonic immobility is and when it is appropriate to place a shark under tonic immobility, thereby combatting the senseless use of this strange phenomenon. 


Sharks of South Africa

How much do you know about the shark species found in South Africa's waters? For example, did you know that the grey nurse shark is embryophagous? Do you even know what that means? Find out exactly how much (or little) you know about the following six South African shark species in the current edition:

 - Blue shark

 - Broadnose sevengill shark

 - Bull shark

 - Great white shark

 - Grey nurse shark

 - Mako shark


Freediving with Sharks

You might be considering an exhilarating shark dive. Check out Hanli Prinsloo's interesting take on the different shark personalities to get a feel for which shark species you'd like to encounter most. 



Some of our regulars also focus on sharks, including:


Underwater Photolab

The last Underwater Photolab takes a look at how you can easily and creatively adapt your photos of sharks using presets in Lightroom. 



We bring you a range of goodies that you can buy to treat yourself or a dive buddy that will show the world your appreciation for sharks.


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